Anne Frank - Biography

Born in Germany in 1929 and raised and raised in Germany and Amsterdam. In 1942, shortly after receiving a diary for her 13th birthday, she and her family were forced to go into hiding to escape Hitler's persecution of the Jews. Hiding with another family and a dentist in an annex behind the building in which her father worked, Anne recorded their lives in her diary almost daily. In addition, she recorded her fights with her mother, her budding relationship with the other family's son, and her own maturation. In 1944, the eight people were discovered and arrested by the Gestapo. They were separated and put in concentration camps. At age 15, Anne died there in March, 1945. Her mother and sister, as well as the other people living with them, also died. Only her father survived; on his return home, he found her diary untouched and had it published in 1947. It was an immediate success, as millions of readers were touched by her indomitable spirit in the face of such chaos. The diary is famous even to this day and was the inspiration for the Broadway play "The Diary of Anne Frank" in 1955. The play was adapted into a movie in 1959 and two TV-films, the first, in 1967 and again in 1980. The diary also inspired the TV-film Journal d'Anne Frank (1988) and Anne Frank (2001).