Brandon K. Hampton - Biography

Brandon K. Hampton is an American Actor/Filmmaker who was born June 10, 1990 in Houston, TX. He discovered his passion for the craft of acting in the second grade after being asked to do the lunch menu for Sands Point Elementary through ABC News. Moving to middle school Brandon was heavily involved in Performing Arts and started competing in Speech & Debate. In High School he continued to pursue acting performing plays at The Midtown Art Center, a venue in Downtown Houston, University of Houston's Wortham Theatre, and Tulane's Lupin Theatre in New Orleans. He credits most of his learning to being subtle through Speech & Debate in which he went on to compete and receive recognition on a State and National level. It was senior year that Brandon went on to pick up the camera to see what things were like behind the lens. After enjoying the filmmaking side he moved to Santa Fe, NM to study at Santa Fe University of Art & Design. He then started his own Production Company "MoonStar Pictures L.L.C. in which great pieces of work will be created. Brandon got his start in the professional entertainment industry after him and his best friend Ausar Moore decided to move to Austin, TX to be extras on the then critically acclaimed TV show "Friday Night Lights" in which they both landed speaking roles on later in the season. Brandon then moved to New Mexico to study film and landed a role on USA's "In Plain Sight" ready for more, later booking TV pilot for NBC's "After Hours" in the role of Tom Costain a RN working the night shift at San Antonio Memorial Hospital. Now he's bitten and looking to become a household name around the world.