Claudia Crawford - Biography

Claudia was no stranger to entertainment or the limelight; she started singing in public with her family at age 3. By age 5, she began a competitive ice skating career. Her childhood consisted of disciplines between the academics and athletics. She trained in Lake Arrowhead, California, at the International Olympic Training Center, where she devoted herself to her skating competitions, and sought countless 1st place awards throughout her career. After numerous injuries, she discontinued her goal of joining the U.S. Olympic Figure Skating team. Her athletic career did not end there. She pursued training in multiple forms of martial arts, and received gold and silver medals throughout. Living close to the beach, she picked up surfing where she won several surfing competitions. In addition, she trained competitively in tennis and almost pursued a career in it, had it not been for her devotion to the martial arts. Her outlet outside of athletics was writing poetry. She began winning awards for her poetry, beginning at age 11. To control her teenage angst, she began turning her poetry into songs. When she discovered how easy it was for her to be a lyricist, she began recording original music, and currently still does. At age 12, she began her modeling career and began training her voice for opera, attending several different pageants throughout her teen years. From her extensive training in ballet and gymnastics, she began dancing on television. She was quickly picked up by several bands as their lead dancer and also appeared as a dancer on several award shows. She soon took her career to the next level by appearing in lead roles for several movies; Claudia is filming lead roles in the period piece "Red Rose of Normandy", and the action film "Code 207".