Donald Gibb - Biography

Massive (6' 4"), muscular behemoth Donald Richard Gibb was born on August 4, 1954, in New York City, New York and raised in California. He attended the University of New Mexico on a basketball scholarship, then transferred to the University of San Diego, where he played football and was a member of the varsity basketball team. He had a roster spot on the San Diego Chargers prior to embarking on an acting career. With his brawn, bulk, scraggly beard and mustache, deep, growly voice and forceful screen presence, Gibb has frequently been cast as scruffy bikers, loutish rednecks and over-aggressive macho athletes. He started out in movies in the early 1980s with uncredited bit parts in Ça va cogner (1980), Les bleus (1981), and Conan le barbare (1982). He achieved enduring cult fame as the outrageous Ogre in the hilarious Les tronches (1984), reprising this role in the second and fourth sequels. He was likewise memorable as raucous martial arts fighter Ray Jackson in the exciting Bloodsport - Tous les coups sont permis (1988) and wildman tennis player Ripper in the amusing Jocks (1984). He had a recurring role as fierce defensive lineman Leslie "Dr. Death" Crunchner on the HBO situation comedy 1st & Ten (1984). Among the television series Donald has done guest spots on are Alice (1976), L'agence tous risques (1983), Magnum (1980), K 2000 (1982), Drôle de vie (1979), Rick Hunter (1984), Tribunal de nuit (1984), MacGyver (1985), Code Quantum (1989), X Files: aux frontières du réel (1993) and Les feux de l'amour (1973). Donald Gibb lives in Chicago, Illinois and is the co-owner of and spokesman for the Chicago karaoke bar Trader Todd's.