Giulia Nahmany - Biography

Actress and producer, Giulia Nahmany was born on the 16th of January 1983 in a small town in Israel to a Romanian Jewish family. When she was six year old she moved to Belgium where she learned Flemish. At the age of ten Giulia moved with her parents to Romania where she studied at an American International School. Giulia showed a great passion for the performing arts began at a very early age, participating in school plays and drama classes and becoming an active part of her life when she began working in TV at the age of 17. She graduated from Huron University USA in London, receiving a bachelor's degree in economics and international business.

Giulia made her film debut in 2013 when she founded Goldline Production International a company specialized in production and development of films.

The first film produced by Goldline Production International and starring herself is Love By Design , a 90 minute romantic comedy, where she plays the leading role of Danielle Luca, a New York fashion editor that loses her reputation and job going on a journey of self-discovery to her home town, in Romania, where she discovers real love and becomes a successful fashion designer.

Love By Design also stars Jane Seymour as Vivien Thompson (editor-in-chief) of NY Fashion Magazine and David Oakes as Adrian Edwards.

Giulia is fluent in English, Romanian, Hebrew, French and Flemish.