Heidi Schooler - Biography

Heidi Schooler has been busy with diverse work in film, TV, theatre, & VO. Schooler just Won Best Supporting Actress for her portrayal of 3 separate characters in the comedic short film Desk Job (2015) at the 2015 Los Angeles Short Film Festival, directed by Jason Eaken, & has recently finished working with 2 award-winning directors, Andy Leo, & Sean D. Cunningham, on The Rescue & "The Attic", respectively. Prior, she finished filming "What's Your Opinion of Memory?" and I Defended You (2014), both projects written by Joseph Dougherty (TV writer/prod.: Pretty Little Liars (2010) & Ravenswood (2013)). Earlier, she shot British-themed film "Michael Sadler's Crusade", (c. England, 1800's) & has been cast as Charlotte in the Sci-fi/psych. thriller S2K with Erica Grant, Robert Peters, and Meg Foster. She's the title role in the comedic series "Read To Me Heidi", was on Les experts: Manhattan (2004), epis. "Right Next Door" as Megan Tanner, (w/Gary Sinise), The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena (2009) videogame in mo-cap, (with Vin Diesel), & appeared in David Lynch's Inland Empire (2006), WWII film, Beautiful Dreamer (2006), & played the title role for Mischief Films/BBC's movie Calling Hedy Lamarr (2004). Previously, Schooler finished portraying the title character in the film "Protestskaya". (A story about a female Russian immigrant who survives on the streets of America.)

MOW's: _American Masters (1995) {Season 9; #4)} (TV)_ , (called "Edgar Allen Poe: Terror of the Soul"); and _Strange Voices (1987) (TV)_ ; also in Médium (2005), Nickelodeon's "Snow White", Heartbeat: Pilot (1988), "Pizza Man" (for USA), & Hôpital central (1963), among others.

Theatre favorites: Cancer patient Danielle in "Me Too", (a Mark Goffman (TV writer/prod.: Sleepy Hollow (2013) & Elementary (2012)) play), Cordelia in Tony Award dir. Tony Tanner's "King Lear", & Mary Magdalene in Ivan Kauffman's "He Was Here". (LA Weekly's "star turn" performance). Schooler has worked her dramatic skills at The Actor's Studio, has studied with such teachers as Shelley Winters, Susan Peretz, & Clyde Ventura, and has been directed by Martin Landau, Robert Berlinger and Tony Tanner; and currently has studied with Stephen Book. Comedically, she has trained with Gary Austin (founder of the Groundlings), Robin Menken (Second City), Sandra & Dee Caruso, and has worked with several comedians from the Comedy Store. She has performed in numerous theatre productions in Los Angeles and New York.

Recent Commercials & VO's: Schooler has just shot 2 separate comedic spots for DirecTV, has a character on Cartoon Network's "We Bare Bears", & is in the animated series Hogan's Farm. Also, she's been the voice of Walmart (TV & Radio), Neutrogena, & is Lois Lane for Warner Bros.'s past digital re-release of Superman 2. Currently, Schooler's been in development writing a comedic TV pilot.