Helga Liné - Biography

Gorgeously svelte and classy redhead stunner Helga Line was born as Helga Lina Stern on July 14th, 1932 in Berlin, Germany. Helga began her career as a dancer and acrobat in circus performances in Portugal. She also later worked as a model. Line began acting in movies in the early 40s. Helga moved to Madrid, Spain in 1960. Line immediately established herself as a hugely popular and prolific actress in a large volume of horror pictures, spy films, thrillers and Westerns made throughout the 60s and 70s. Best known as the alluring spy Natasha in the terrific period Gothic fright feature treat "Horror Express," her other memorable roles include an enticing sea siren in the immensely enjoyable "The Lorelei's Grasp," a predatory vampire countess in the terrifically trashy "The Vampires' Night Orgy," and the seductive middle-aged leader of a Satanic cult in the steamy "Black Candles." Line starred with Spanish horror icon Paul Naschy in two entertaining offerings: "Horror Rises from the Tomb" and "The Mummy's Revenge." Helga was especially impressive in the Pedro Almodovar pictures "Labyrinth of Passion" and "Law of Desire." More recently Helga Line has done guest spots on a couple of Spanish TV shows.