Jesse Draper - Biography

Jesse Draper is a multimedia talent. She began her career as an actress on the hit Nickelodeon series "The Naked Brother's Band", a family show created by her aunt Polly Draper that she starred in with her cousins Nat and Alex Wolff. She quickly became known as Jesse, the hot nanny.

Draper's career progressed with small movie roles in "The Mighty Macs" starring Carla Gugino and "Ticket Out" starring Ray Liotta. When she was knee deep in the Hollywood scene, she decided to create her own show using the internet as a medium.

Draper grew up in Silicon Valley in the midst of the dot com boom. Having a father (well known venture capitalist Tim Draper) in business, she created a talk show celebrating the 'movers and the shakers' of the business world.

Labelled as "must see startup TV" by USA today, "The Valley Girl Show" took off on and she has since interviewed such guest as Ted Turner, MC Hammer, Eric Schmidt and Elon Musk: A fun interview by 'the Valley Girl' has become a coveted moment in a CEO's career.

Draper claims to be 'the Ellen Degeneres of business'. Valley Girl, Inc. is now a multi-platform media company that runs a series of blogs, "The Valley Girl Show" and Draper is a discoverer helping pave the way in the new world of social media. Valley Girl, Inc. recently acquired the LA technology culture blog Lalawag.

Draper is a blogger for, Business Insider, Pop17 in addition to Valley Girl, Inc.'s blog network.