Joe Davis - Biography

Joe Davis is one of seven children. Born in Michigan, sixth child, lived with his mother (widowed) and two youngest siblings. Was acting in the second grade, starring as Dr. Davis in "Dolly Has The Flu". At twelve years old Joe was performing as a star athlete in football and baseball. He was Captain of the football team at high school, and received 23 Letters of intent to Colleges all over the Country. He was voted Most Friendliest and Best Looking and was the President of the Ski Club. He chose to stay close to his mother, and attended Eastern Michigan University, as his mother was a cleaning woman at the Student Hospital. Majoring in TV Broadcasting and Dramatic Arts, on some advice from his older brother and college professor, he decided Los Angeles, and a small acting workshop might work.

Joe hit the Beach in Venice, was invited into the Bodybuilding community, Golds Gym by Ed Connors. Studying with Acting coaches, developing technique, developing his Body, broke in, at Chippendales Nightclub. After two years of employement moved on to working as a Day Player, looking for lead role experience. That came from Landmark Entertainment and Tony Christopher. Performing on tour for Mattel Toy, Landmark Ent. and Pace Theatrical, performed multi-characters in 40 cities in the U.S. and Canada. Joe has worked as a stuntman, written pilots and screenplays, Producing cable shows and had his own talk Show, to extend his knowledge of the business.