Lili Bordán - Biography

Lili Bordan was born in New York City to Hungarian actress Iren Bordan. Her first role on stage was the Marquis de Lafayette in a 4th grade performance of the American Revolutionary War. She followed up in local productions playing the title role in "Annie" and Wendy in "Peter Pan." Lili lived abroad for several years in Hungary and France, where she stayed with relatives and studied acting, but her most influential teachers were stateside. Iren took her along to classes where she was able to study at a young age with strong teachers such as Susan Batson and Sandra Seacat. She breathed and ate film and theater, but also fed her interest in history, literature and philosophy, all of which she studied at Sarah Lawrence College. Post graduation, Lili moved to Hungary and became part of a children's theater troupe, where she learned that kids really are the most challenging audience to please, but their laughter is all the more rewarding. While in Europe, Lili continued to film in both Hungarian and International productions. In 2008, Lili decided to make LA her base. She joined Moth Theatre Company and her performance in Moth's production of David Hare's "The Blue Room" won her a Scenie award for "best featured actress in a drama or intimate play." On the big screen, her award winning American feature "Cherry." directed by Quinn Saunders was picked up at Cannes for distribution by Warner Brothers. She has since filmed her second feature with Saunders, playing the lead alongside Katrina Law in "Apparition." Lili is best known to fans as the sensitive and flawed Becca Kelly in "Battle Star Galactica: Blood and Chrome," and the powerful, refined German security officer Hannah Strauss on ABC's "The River." A recurring role on hit BBC series "Silent Witness" introduced her to British audiences. A trained fighter, dancer and singer, Lili's interest in virtually everything, has allowed her to play a broad range of characters and genres, from Virginia Madsen's wild hippie sister in Disney's "American Girl," to weathered war correspondent and loyal wife of Goran Kostic in "Kiss a Robber."
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