Linda Fetters - Biography

Born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee, Linda grew up idolizing her older brother. If he played football, she wanted to play football, too. When he got a motorcycle at age 15, she wanted one, too. It didn't matter that she was only 5 years old. Her mother decided to put her into everything that was "socially" acceptable. Dance and Gymnastics filled most of her free time with some swimming and diving thrown in for good measure. She basically grew up on stage, performing in New York at age 12. She went on to perform as a professional Cheerleader and studied karate and kick boxing from 6 time World Champion Bill "Superfoot" Wallace. In Dallas, she became affiliated with a local Stunt Association. When she realized that the group employed no women she asked for the opportunity. They gave into her request and she worked with them for 2 years before re-locating in Los Angeles. She went on to become a member of The Stuntwomen's Association of Motion Pictures Inc, where she served as their president from 1994-96. She has also served as the Associations Vice President and is a contributing member of Women in Film. She has doubled for actresses Jessica Lange, Shirley Knight, Delta Burke, Piper Laurie and Stella Stevens, among others. Her skills consist of Precision & Stunt Driving, fights, high falls, stair falls, air rams, and ratchet work, but her favorite stunt is performing full burns. Not something many woman have an opportunity to do. Married to Emmy and Tony Award winning actor Ken Howard. The couple are devoted animal lovers. Linda, along with her husband, serve on the Executive Board of the Onyx and Breezy Foundation. The Foundation offers financial aid to credible organizations and individuals that benefit the welfare of animals. Ken Howard is also their National Spokesperson. They rescue all of their animals. They share their home with Harley & Hannah.