Luke Pegler - Biography

Luke Pegler is an Australian actor who began his career in 2001. His early screen appearances were mostly on television and in film shorts before larger screen projects followed. The first of these was the World War II drama, The Great Raid (2005) starring Benjamin Bratt and James Franco. Next, he had a somewhat-leading role as an unlikely hero among a group of juvenile delinquents sent to an old hotel haunted by the menacing psychopath played by WWE wrestler Kane (Glen Jacobs) in the WWE Films production "See No Evil" (2006). He would again appear consecutively in his second WWE Films project as a minor henchman against WWE's wrestling legend "Stone Cold" Steve Austin in "The Condemned" (2007). Going into the late 2000s, Pegler saw his share of screen time on television series such as "Packed to the Rafters" (2008-2009) and more notably, "Rescue Special Ops" (2010) "Neighbours" (2011) and the Roman gladiatorial drama "Spartacus: Gods of the Arena" (2011) and its spin-off series "Spartacus: Vengeance" in 2012.