Murray Urquhart - Biography

Murray Urquhart was born on December 13, 1981 in Corner Brook, Newfoundland and Labrador.

Murray's first taste of acting was when he was 15 in his Grade 9 drama class. Murray continued to build an appreciation for acting throughout his high school career. He fueled his passion for the spotlight by playing bass guitar in a rock band throughout those years. Murray's post-secondary years consisted of some university while working numerous jobs.

In August, 2005 while on a camping trip with friends Murray had a serious fall off an 80 foot cliff onto rocks. He was rushed to the hospital via helicopter where he spent some time recovering from a collapsed lung and other serious injuries. Murray being stubborn, started boot camp with the Canadian Armed Forces 2 months after his fall weighing 40 lbs less and being significantly weaker than his post fall self.

Deciding that the military was not the path he wanted to take for a career, Murray cut his service short and started training in Mixed Martial Arts while applying for the police in Ontario. In 2008 Murray was hired by the police and drove from Halifax, Nova Scotia, to Toronto, Ontario to start a new life and a new career as a police officer.

As years as an officer passed, Murray realized there was still something missing in his life and he needed to follow his heart, and pursue the acting career that he always dreamed of. Murray began training with The Second City, on camera acting courses and private lessons with an acting coach to help propel him towards his long time goal of being a professional actor. Since his start in acting almost three years ago Murray has seen many successes such as acting in numerous films, TV shows, music videos, and commercials.

Murray, with his unique training in firearms, martial arts, professional driving, and physical presence also enjoys doing all of his own stunts. With his diverse background and specialized training he is able to bring a level of authenticity to the characters that he portrays.
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