Paul Satterfield - Biography

Paul was born in Nashville, Tennessee, and was raised on the Northern California coast. An avid outdoorsman and all-state athlete, Paul got his first paying gig on an Eastman Kodak commercial as a star football player. Paul attended Whitman College, located in Washington State, on a basketball scholarship where he earned degrees in 17th century English Literature and Dramatic Arts. After graduation, Paul began his career working in the theater while filming feature films, television commercials and appearing in international print campaigns. Soon after, he landed a role on the ABC daytime drama, Hôpital central (1963), where he portrayed "Paul Hornsby" from 1991-1994. Three years of G.H. prepared him for prime-time and Paul soon began working as a regular on the CBS summer series Hotel Malibu (1994) with Jennifer Lopez. After numerous guest appearances, Paul began working with Aaron Spelling and played "Tom Massick" for two seasons on the WB series Savannah (1996) and one season on the short-lived drama Brentwood (1997). Paul starred for one year on the CBS daytime series Amour, gloire et beauté (1987), and continued acting in television pilots Inside Schwartz (2001) and Coupling (2003) for NBC; feature films,including Universal's Bruce tout-puissant (2003) starring Jim Carrey; and plays like "Crime of the Heart", directed by Garry Marshall, starring Faith Ford and Crystal Bernard. In his free time, Paul enjoys spending time on his family property in the Pacific Northwest. Paul was born on August 19. He is 6' 4" with dark blond hair and green/blue eyes.