Rudy Dobrev - Biography

Rudy Dobrev started his career in the 1992 Gli anni d'oro (1992) (Golden Years)(1992) mini-series in Italy for RAI Television, after beating out hundreds of candidates for the role of "Andrea". He then moved on to other European projects in Television and Theater before moving to the States.

Educated throughout Europe and graduating from High School in the States, Rudy trained with Deborah Aquila at the Aquila/Morong studio for actors in Los Angeles.

Trained at LAMDA, the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art in London (July-August 2010).

Since moving to Los Angeles in 2005, he starred in The Kings of Babylon (2005), playing "Alexander the Great", Veronica Mars (2004), The unit - Commando d'élite (2006), Les experts: Manhattan (2004), the sitcom Pour le meilleur et le pire (2006) and played "Juan Fortin" on Des jours et des vies (1965). Most recently appeared on Los Angeles, police judiciaire (2010).

Has a Flight Instructor License and a Commercial Pilots license from the elite Delta Connection Aviation Academy in Orlando, Florida. Flies planes on the weekend out of Santa Monica.

His father is a Shipbuilder with Lloyds Register of London in North East Asia, and his family name, "Dobrev", is forever immortalized in the History textbooks of Bulgaria; his grandfather - Admiral Ivan Dobrev, was minister of defense for the Republic. Has an older brother and the family resides outside of Fort Lauderdale, Florida and Los Angeles, California.