Ryan Woodle - Biography

Ryan Woodle (born in Wakarusa, Indiana) is an American actor and voice actor who is known for his role as Phil in Boardwalk Empire. He voiced Brad Snider in Grand Theft Auto V and Chad in The Lost and Damned. He appeared in TV shows such as Important Things with Demetri Martin, Mercy, Gossip Girl, Law & Order series, Unforgettable, Royal Pains and Golden Boy.

In the beginning, Ryan was born and raised in the small farming community of Wakarusa, Indiana. Ryan attended Northwood High School, where his acting roots first started to grow. Giving up on his childhood dreams of a Hall of Fame NBA career, Ryan jumped from the hardwood courts, to the hardwood stage. Ryan played some fantastic roles in his high school career ranging from Curly in Oklahoma, to Otto Frank in The Diary of Anne Frank. Ryan soon realized his passion for acting was more then just a hobby, and set his sights on crafting his passion into a career. His next stop was attending Ball State University on a talent scholarship.

During his college years, While attending Ball State, Ryan sharpened his acting tools, winning multiple collegiate awards with roles such as Big Daddy in Tennessee Williams, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and Joe Keller in Arthur Miller's All My Sons. Ryan signed his first agent through Ball State's first NYC showcase which solidified his decision to move to The Big Apple. Since moving to New York City, Ryan's career has catapulted to new heights finding success in stage, film, and television.

During his most recent years, Ryan has built an impressive resume including more than a dozen national and international commercials, leading roles in original off-Broadway productions, guest starring on network television series, starring alongside Cameron Diaz and James Marsden in Richard Kelly's feature film, The Box. Recently, Ryan appeared in a three-episode stint in HBO television series Boardwalk Empire. He also played Bradley Snider in Grand Theft Auto V in 2013. In his leisure hours, Ryan enjoys spending time in the New York area with his wife, Shannon, and their dog, Huck.