Sabrina Diaz - Biography

Beautiful and multi talented Sabrina was born and raised in glamorous Miami Beach Florida, and developed her acting skills at an early age. Sabrina's entertainment career began when she entered and won a beauty pageant titled Dolls Dolls 2000. From that moment her life took on new meaning and she became a print and local TV spokes model in the Miami area including frequent appearances on the mega hit Spanish language TV variety show "Sabado Gigante". At the age of 21 Sabrina was invited to participate in a pageant in Bogota Colombia called Srta which was a pre cursor to represent Columbia in the Miss Universe contest. Sabrina is of Columbian decent and qualified her to enter the contest. Sabrina spent several years developing her skills in Bogota as an actor and guest starred in several Columbian TV soaps. She realized her best potential was to make the journey to Hollywood and become a mainstream actor. Sabrina received a BA in theater arts from Cal State University Long Beach and continued her professional training with ACT, Play House West and other techniques including animation voiceover and various comedy troupes in and around Los Angeles. Sabrina is a multi talented actor, singer, songwriter, dancer ,presenter and bi lingual crossover artist performing voiceover animation in both English and Spanish. Sabrina is a gifted actress with a flair for physical comedy and athletic abilities including equestrian skills. Sabrina is a full member of SAG-AFTRA and has appeared in many films and television series to date.
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