Sandra DaCosta - Biography

Sandra's aptitude and skill along with her dare-you-to-look-away sex appeal have made her an unstoppable force within the acting and film community. For this informal celeb whose goal is to achieve global domination, Sandra is still the girl next door. Sandra positions herself in such a way that she is able to make her own career choices, while taking the steps to advance her career on a larger scale. "It's just what feels right, and perhaps that's what makes me unpredictable."

Sandra has also safe guarded herself by not getting swallowed up by what she considers the industry's engrossment with looks. Beauty for beauty's sake is not what excites her most. "It's the opportunities that cross your path and those roles that are rooted in truth and imagination, those are the roles that you can actually sink your teeth into."

It was Sandra's ability (which she discovered at a young age) to lose herself in movies, books and music that truly gave her a sense of belonging, which is why Sandra finds herself here today.

The Mediterranean beauty has raw talent, no question about that, but she also has an extraordinary and unflappable work ethic.

It's hard to envision that the 'calm, cool, and collected' beauty could ever be a cutthroat competitor. But Sandra recognizes that you have to know the rules before you can break them.