Silvio Wolf Busch - Biography

Silvio Wolf Busch was born in Leipzig, Germany, to Liane and Wolfgang Busch, an Engineer. His family is of German and Italian origin. He has two older sisters. He spend his childhood and youth in Germany and with reaching adulthood, began traveling throughout Europe to satisfy his curiosity about different places and people.

His passion for creative endeavors emerged early when he performed with world renowned boy choirs and reaching adolescence he was trained in Classical Music after he blew away a panel of judges during a talent contest, with his beautiful singing voice. After music Silvio discovered theater and performed in dramatic and musical roles.

Into film acting he stumbled by chance. After emigrating to the United States as a young man, he initially worked in the Horse Industry as a trainer and instructor for Equestrian Sports. It was in this capacity, that a friend of his, which happened to be a casting director, got him interested to do some stunt work on a number of Hollywood productions. On the set of the movie "Cowboy Up" he ended up rehearsing opposite Daryl Hannah as her scene partner's stand in double and she subsequently asked him how long he had been acting in film, Silvio looked demonstratively at his wrist watch with a grin on his face. Miss Hannah raised her eyebrows in surprise and stated, that he had enormous talent and huge presence and should definitely pursue this in earnest. The seed was planted and soon Silvio was cast in lead and supporting roles in Hollywood and Independent productions.

Some of his inspirations are Sean Connery, Daniel Craig, Anthony Hopkins, Kenneth Branagh and Philip Seymour-Hoffman.

He has a background in military tactics, martial arts and a number of extreme sports. He loves physical roles and does most of his own stunts.