Steven Randolph - Biography

Pasadenda, CA native Steven Randolph turned his expulsion from Catholic School into a positive by diving head on into a writing position for Larry Flynt's Big Brother Magazine. Steven went on to Associate Produce for New Wave Entertainment, write for Vice Magazine, as well as Hub Network's Parents Just Don't Understand.

An exceptional writer and Alumni of the legendary Upright Citizens Brigade of Los Angeles, Steven has combined his skills to develop an incredible stand-up act which consists of animated story telling that will leave you laughing uncontrollably and on the edge of your seat waiting for what comes next.

In addition to performing stand up in comedy clubs throughout the country, you can see Steven every Sunday in Hollywood at Nerdist inside Meltdown Comics for Palapalooza - a show that he produces and co-created which uniquely blends the two worlds of stand up and improv comedy. Also, he co-hosts a hit podcast on All Things Comedy Network with longtime friend and fellow comedian, Sam Tripoli, The International Badboys.