Sydney Scotia - Biography

Sydney Scotia was born on September 8, 1997 in Rochester, Minnesota to Paula and David from Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada - hence the name, Sydney Scotia! At 11 months, she moved to Scottsdale, Arizona. The desire to perform was always apparent. She and her brother, Samson, would act, sing and play music for anyone who would listen. Eight years of competitive dance provided her with a stage and years of sheer joy as well as numerous dance awards and titles. A pivotal event occurred when she was 9 years old. She prepared a monologue for a local producer and it impressed him so much, he created a new character for her in his music video. She waited on set three days for her chance to shoot what finally amounted to be 10 seconds of video footage. When she saw the end product, she was over-the-moon excited and completely hooked! A year later, at the age of 10, she was selected to go to Hong Kong, China and represent the iconic Olympic Gold Medalist, Olga Korbut. Sydney performed 11 live shows of dance and gymnastics but the Chinese press was most impressed by the fact that she performed on the balance beam with only one month of training. The opportunity to perform for this gracious and receptive audience sealed the deal. She was now taking regular acting classes in addition to 25 hours of dance. In the summer of 2011, after two consecutive acting camps in California, Sydney and her family knew that she had to be in Los Angeles so they loaded as much as they could into the back of their SUV and headed west. Commercials, short films, community theatre, music and dance videos as well as numerous classes in acting, singing, dance, guitar, tumbling, skeet shooting and school work showed her commitment to training and her passion to prepare for a career in film and TV.