Taylor Boggan - Biography

Taylor Scott Boggan was born in Levittown, New York. He was always a creative kid, never being able to just sit and do classwork, he was always up to something.

Taylor decided to try out for some school plays and this is where he finally found his passion, he felt this would be the one profession that you can actually lose yourself in another character, you get to create this person, someone who never existed before, as he would put it. With his constant pleading, and urging of several agents he met while in L.A., his parents decided to give him a try and moved out to LA permanently .

His talent was recognized by many a Casting Director, and soon Taylor was well known amongst them. He went to many directors sessions and from there screen testing, .

Taylor was more of a rebel type, he ached to play meaningful roles, roles that were important to him. He liked the dark characters, the more challenging the role the better. In one popular show he screen tested for, he was to play a James Dean type of character, but the executives decided to change the character from edgy to more of a charactery kid, that same day the Director and writer of that show, both of whom were rooting for Taylor, called him up personally to tell him how much they wanted him, but unfortunately the executives had their own ideas.

Taylor did star in some great lead parts, both in TV and on film and will continue to follow his dreams.