Tazito Garcia - Biography

Tazito Garcia was born on November 20, 1984, in Madrid, Spain. Growing up as an athlete, performance was second nature. While growing up to mixed parents, the multilingual Tazito travelled around the world with his family and solo while playing pro soccer (Man Utd) and pro tennis( ATP JRs). He also competed in full contact karate, kung fu, greco wrestling and later trained in the art of capoeira. The Toronto based actor began acting when he was young, appearing in many TV commercials and his first theatrical role as "Anubis" in King Tut (1995). After moving to Toronto in 2002, Tazito has since pursued his acting and modeling career landing him several appearances on television shows, print work and major productions while balancing out his university degree. Tazito majored in hospitality & Tourism management and minored in business and psychology. Tazito has also tried being on the other side of the camera and has several titles as a director - Dark Side (2009), The Briefcase (2012), Dead End (2013).

In 2009, Tazito booked a principal role in Lurking under life and landed several other lead & starring roles including Trigger (2014) as the character of Erick Hammell, Kookie buns (2013)as Scottie, and Call of Duty Battlefield: Divided We Stand (2013) as General Shevchenko. The award winning actor is also known for his intricate fight and stunt coordinating on numerous sets. Tazito annually helps 8 charities locally and internationally including: sick kids, princess Margaret and Jackie Chan's - Build a school for a dollar.