Veronica Ricci - Biography

Veronica Ricci is a native of Sacremento, California. She was born on April 17, 1988 and describes herself as a "latebloomer" in how she developed during her teenage years as socially awkward and shy. Veronica eventually broke away from her strongly-shy nature, during her freshman year of college. The wild, party-going scenes she deeply involved herself in, suggestively helped Veronica realize how much she enjoyed being in front of people and how she enjoyed putting on a show for them. This early period of the young life of Veronica Ricci included go-go dancing at nightclubs as well as chance photo submitted to Hustler which led to her modeling career. She also spent a 3-year period in the adult film industry with 9 credits to her name. She specialized mostly in girl-on-girl content or solo scenes. Recently, Veronica returned to college, however she supports herself with part-time modeling on the side. She also has her own website and a twitter account, both of which fans can visit to see what upcoming activities young Veronica has.