Victoria Ortiz - Biography

Born and raised in Puerto Rico by actors Gerardo Ortiz and Evelyn Rosario, Victoria Ortiz was influenced by the arts from the day she was born. She was part of several plays during her early years until she turned 11, the age she was introduced to fencing. From being just a hobby, it quickly became a professional career, to the point where she had to decide weather or not to stay in Puerto Rico after high school and go to the Beijing Olympics, or go to Los Angeles, CA to pursue what she loved from early on. In the midst of competitions, Victoria Ortiz prepared herself for different collage auditions and got accepted into The American Academy of Dramatic Arts. She took a leap of faith, embraced the unknown and changed her life completely to move to Los Angeles, CA at the tender age of 17. Her years at the Academy were fantastic, she became part of the prestigious Academy Company were she had the pleasure to play the part of Abigail Williams in The Crucible as well as other principal roles. Life, however, knows very well how to blend the things you love in interesting ways and not even a year after finishing school, Victoria Ortiz began doing sword fighting stunt work in small projects as well as acting in them. She currently finds her self "fighting" for roles as well as auditioning for them... and she loves it.